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During the recent years, we have investigated, tested and published close to 500 distinct forex strategies. We have also developed and published over 200 unique MT4 Expert Advisors, creating the largest transparent database of trading systems in the world :

There, we wanted to investigate and publish as many forex systems as possible.

At we are going to focus only on a few exclusive trading systems. Rules of the systems will still be transparently shared.  We are committed to provide you with fundamentally robust, accurately tested and amazingly performing MT4 expert advisors suitable not only for FOREX.

We have developed a reputation, for being reliable, trustworthy, honest and transparent. Most importantly for our customers coming back to get more.


Marian, proprietor of Victory Algo started trading FOREX. Same year he begins to study applied biology in university. He uses his tax return from his factory summer job, to fund his first live trading account. He blows his first small account. Same as second, third and fourth.

Taking off

Marian managed to win few manual trading competitions. At this point it was 50% skill, 50% luck. During the same year he received masters degree in applied biology. He builds his first forex related website. During the process of building it, he finds out that he really enjoys building e-commerce as much as trading. One passion turns to two.


Few months after the state exams, he is employed as scientist in bioenergy research institute. However, he works there only briefly and instead choses position of middle level manager in cosmetics company. He plans his transition from the beginning and once his contract ends, he become full time trader and web developer.


He decides to start his professional trading career in Greece. He moves to seaview apartment near Parga. He spends following few months trading, developing new ventures, swimming, fishing and following the footsteps of ancient heroes. He has spend following few years traveling in similar fashion. Trading in Croatia, Thailand, Hungary, Georgia, Italy and multiple other locations in Greece.


Marian starts putting together small and trusted team for website What started as small project aiming to investigate few systems he was interested in, turns into the largest transparent database of trading systems in the world. In next two years, we have developed and published well over 200 transparent MT4 Expert advisors and 400 forex strategies.

Victory Algo

Using our unique experience from building of hundreds of distinct forex strategies, we have decided to start anew. The goal of is to bring you exclusive trading systems that were completely developed by our team. Systems will combine conservative strategies so that they complement each other, and are able to achieve aggressive results while being conservative in nature. Excellent, fully automated systems with conservative rules and aggressive results.

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